Here’s what people are saying about the Symbrosium:

“In a world bursting with social media options, it easy to be digitally connected with everyone but physically connected to no one. My experience at the symbrosium was the perfect solution. It was authentically connecting with people in meaningful ways. I look forward to attending again.” -Brian

“I didn’t know quite what to expect, however within the first 10-minutes I knew that this would be impactful. —Such a rare opportunity to sit amongst respected thought leaders in vulnerability to discover the vast similarities in living and the diverse methodologies in thriving.” -Kent

“I’ve noticed this little game we play as humans where we pretend we are dealing with “acceptable issues”- and we hide the real issues that kick our ass.

What I loved about symbrosium was that everybody talked about what we were actually facing. No pretense. No posturing. No bullshit. Just real guys sharing what really works and doesn’t work for life.

I also liked that each person brought their best nugget or insight to share. The variety of topics was so broad and mind expanding. I felt blessed to be around such courageous people and was reminded that we are all the same. This is a must attend event to take your authenticity and power to the next level.” – Tony

“A soul expanding event: more than I hoped for yet nothing like I expected.” -Taylor

“Symbrosium was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Since it’s about listening AND sharing, I came in a more present frame of mind than I would have perhaps otherwise.

I was both intrigued and nervous to pick a topic that was most exciting and important to me at the time. When I first showed up, all I could see were the differences between myself and the other attendees. But once things got underway, my walls came down and everything became simple and the diverse topics fascinated me. Sitting in a room with ten other influential men I thought had nothing in common with me taught me how much we were all alike. Having them hear and respond to my message became a surprisingly rewarding moment as well.

Day-to-day life can feel hectic, disconnected, petty, taxing, and trite. I try to spend time learning about and exploring the more meaningful questions in life. But thinking beyond life’s basic needs is often the most lonely, challenging, and uncertain work I do. It can be difficult to find others who are ready to be vulnerable or to find the moments to really connect. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with 9 other humans who were intimately familiar with that process was a rare experience for me. The fact that they were all men was even more incredible.

If I took one thing away from the event, it was this: I am not alone. I am not on a fruitless path. I am more understood than I realize. The bigger questions I’m grappling with have value. They matter in the wider world. Others are wondering, asking, and considering too — even if I don’t see it on the surface. I left feeling emboldened in my quest to widen my gaze; and committed to seeing that depth in others.” -Ron