What is the “Symbrosium”

What is the “Symbrosium”

Symbrosium is a men’s retreat inspired by ancient symposium and designed to expand your mind and your heart. For 24 hours, 10-12 strangers gather to partake in deep thought, educative conversation, and connected association. As a participant, you will have 1 hour to bring us into your world. You’ll take 15 minutes to introduce a subject that’s important to you (“TED Talk” style), then for the remainder of your one-hour time slot we open up the discussion to hear the perspectives and insights from the entire group.¬† Some of the most mind-blowing, risky and inspiring concepts come to life here.¬† Spend some much-deserved time soaking in new ideas and ways of living that will not only inspire you but will change how you think about every aspect of your own journey.



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Symbrosium is taking flight again October 2019. Our next event is happening in Sundance, Utah

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